did you know

...you're always pure silver hitting me like a vein.
...you're always at your sharpest when you're in me to stay.

...I love that you're white trash and the black bag too.
...I love that you take yourself out like a set of false eyes.

...michael-ander, you were lit one too many times.
...michael-ander, a box of birthday candles contains 32 candles
...michael-ander, you were only ever going to smoke one pack.

...I can't forgive you, blood-white and dancing on like a wasted milktooth.
...I can't forgive that my bit lip says that they will never love me like you do.

...you've only permitted me threads of death every morning.
...you've only passed through me like the needle's head.

...michael-ander, you've never been harder to swallow.
...michael-ander, you're a diet of pills and pepto pink gouache
...michael-ander, you'll dye my throat like the best of them.