I am

   the nullity,

denuded and nonlight,

   negation of lightbeam,
   exile through pigment,
   I am love through truancy.

I am saturate deprivation
and the total artifice of matte.

   you'll never hold me in the crook of an optic nerve,
   you'll only lose yourself in my welt of void.

instead, I am

   the empty optic,

the quitting of spectrum,
absence of wavelength cut into swatches.

   ejecting smiles into an athirst for light,
   dissipating into a frustrated heat,
   I am an implication of vacuity,

photon hiss in a blackness, none-out.
the hue prodigy of those who trip into obscurity.

   exactitude of abyss,
   black slapped through nix,

I am, the nullity.